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by Mary Lou Kirwin
Gallery, November 2013
256 pages
ISBN: 1451684665

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Karen Nash is taking a leave of absence from her job as a librarian in Sunshine Valley. She is in London with new boyfriend Caldwell Perkins. Karen and Caldwell met in KILLER LIBRARIAN when she stayed at his B&B on the trip of a lifetime. Now, the two are working to see where their relationship is going to take them and whether Caldwell will be able to make a go at owning a bookshop.

Caldwell "inherited" the B&B business when his partner Sally Burroughs cleared out their joint bank account and left town. Running the business has not been easy, especially without having any capital, but Caldwell has done his best throughout the years.

Now that Karen is in town and Caldwell is looking to sell the B&B, Sally is back in town. As Caldwell never removed her name from the lease, she still owns part of the business and she plans to take control of it again. Caldwell does not take her announcement well and plans to retain a lawyer to resolve the situation.

Before legal action is taken, Sally is killed. A loaded bookcase falls on her and kills her. Was her death purely an accident or did someone push the bookcase over on her? This is the question that has everyone puzzled. Karen is determined to find the truth. When the police start taking a closer look at Caldwell, she knows that time is running out. Will she discover the truth or will Caldwell be arrested for a crime he did not commit?

In KILLER LIBRARIAN, Karen's ex-boyfriend Dave and his new sweetie were the intended target of a killer. Karen and Caldwell worked to save them from death and for Karen to clear her name. Now the tables are turned and it is time for Karen and Caldwell to clear his name. I do feel that KILLER LIBRARIAN was a little stronger than DEATH OVERDUE. DEATH OVERDUE is still an enjoyable cozy mystery and well worth reading; its plot just seems more contrived than the plot for this sequel. I believe that this series has a lot of potential and look forward to reading the next in the series. I am not alone in this belief as the first book in this series was a mass market paperback and DEATH OVERDUE has been released as a larger trade paperback. The increase in size and cost are usually strong indicators that the publisher expects much from an author.

Sarah Dudley, with a BA in English Literature, currently lives in PA with her herd of cats.

Reviewed by Sarah Dudley, November 2013

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