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by Mindy Starns Clark
Harvest House Publishing, January 2004
300 pages
ISBN: 0736912932

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Callie Webber investigates non-profit organizations to see if they are suitable for grants -- an inventive topic to explore by author Mindy Starns Clark. Callie's boss, Tom, is a generous contributor to many organizations and a romantic relationship has developed between them. This has taken some time because of who they are and also because Callie is a widow; she is cautiously moving along in this area. Just when it looks like it will evolve one more step, they learn that their good friend Eli has been shot.

Eli is Callie's mentor and Tom's friend. They have a substantial history and Eli has proclaimed Callie to be a good detective. Information must be retained in order for everyone to find out who is responsible for this deed and why it was done. It will involve peering into Eli's past.

The solution takes Callie and Tom to the Virgin Islands. In this endeavor, Callie learns a lot about Tom. She finds out things about his earlier life that surprises her. She knows he is incredibly smart, but she just really doesn't know how wise he is. In the midst of their relationship, there are secrets and intrigue with an international connection.

Having not read any of the earlier three books in this series, I met Callie's parents from a distance and liked the characters of Eli and his wife, Stella, in addition to the two central people. A QUARTER FOR A KISS works well as a stand-alone. This series is billed as a Christian mystery. In this installment, the religious aspect is professionally mainstreamed into the story. This reader was completely involved in the well-told story. The characters are well-drawn and come across as being very realistic.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, February 2004

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