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by Caroline Carver
Mysterious Press, March 2004
336 pages
ISBN: 0892967781

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They've cut off one of your finger-tips, just from the knuckle. Now they are holding your mother unless you get them what they want.

DEAD HEAT involves being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Georgia Parrish isn't supposed to be on the airplane, but she manages to get the empty seat since the other person doesn't show up for the departure on time. He would have had difficulty making the flight since he was dead. Then the plane crashes and it was sabotaged.

Georgia's friend was the pilot of this plane, who unfortunately died due to his burns from the crash. She is indebted to him and searches for the truth. Unfortunately, many people do not want the truth to be found and who can she trust? Would you trust the person who saved your life on the plane, even if it involved a bad haircut? Would you trust the person who was your old high-school dreamboat? Would you trust the police captain? Would you trust anyone, since your mother would be killed if you informed the police? What about India Kane, the reporter, who is helping you financially?

Is there really research being done with the immune system and wild crocodile natural immunities? Since these critters have been around longer than humans, and have endured more changes, could they hold secrets that humankind could benefit from? There is current research into the wild salt-water crocodiles and their immune systems. If you meet a crocodile, is it true that if you are directly in front of them they can't see you? (I'll let someone else research that one.)

Australia has immigration problems, like the USA; however, they have more problems with the illegal Chinese immigrants than we do since they are obviously closer. DEAD HEAT also brings up the issue of illegal immigration, the risks, the costs, and who benefits.

Caroline Carver lives in England. This is her second novel. Her background is unusual in that her mother holds the land-speed record in Australia and her father is a jet-fighter pilot. No wonder her books are fast-paced. Taking place in the outback of Australia, this steamy action thriller leaves the reader breathless.

Reviewed by Teri Davis, February 2004

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