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by Kate White
Warner Audio Books, June 2003
Adbridged Audio pages
ISBN: 1586215264

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Bailey Weggins was discouraged; once again she had been separated from her current guy. In definite need of the offered spa experience from her mother's friend, Bailey happily accepts. Off she goes to Massachusetts to receive all the pampering that she can imagine. After receiving her massage and back in her own room, Bailey realizes that she never picked up her watch. When she goes back to recover this important piece of sentimental value, she finds more than she bargained for. There is a body and the body is dead.

A freelance reporter, Bailey is naturally inquisitive. When she has the opportunity to help her mother's friend, the owner of the spa, she is ready to do so. In her investigation, Bailey learns that some of the staff are extremely guarded. Then she finds out one of the secrets even though the manager is territorial. Spa owner Danie has a recently acquired husband by the name of George. Bailey does not receive good vibes from George but at the other end of the scale, superb vibes are coming from Detective Jeffrey Beck. Beck's dark blue eyes and the attractive chemistry Bailey feels is the reminder that Beck is the best thing in this mess. The detective does not appreciate the involvement that Bailey has in this case.

Another murder turns everything and everyone upside down and threatens Danie's business. In addition, the man from Bailey's romantic past is asking her to go with him again. You will have to listen to the audio to find out who wins attention. Be aware that there are lots of surprises for you!

This CD is read by Kate Walsh and is five and a half hours long. This is the second Bailey Weggins in the series. I enjoyed it! A nice bonus is the interview with the author.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, June 2003

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