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CARABOLIA: A Modern Tale of the Undead
by D. H. Schleicher
Writers Showcase Press, September 2002
166 pages
ISBN: 0595242197

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CARABOLIA’ is subtitled as a modern tale of the undead’ and it is certainly pretty weird. There is something strange about CARABOLIA's diner in Leedstown. A body in the woods mysteriously disappears. There is a flood, a conspiracy, a cemetery uprooted. What is the secret of CARABOLIA's diner?

A novella rather than a novel, CARABOLIA’ has an interesting premise and a modern-day horror story should make for good reading. Whilst CARABOLIA’ starts with excitement, with its body in the woods, it quickly descends into a weak and nonsensical book that any reader would have great difficulty getting through.

If we put aside the bizarre plot, the other main obstacle is the dialogue. Schleicher has managed to write the most unnatural dialogue. People just do not speak in full sentences, never using slang, abbreviations or the like. For most readers, this would be the principal problem.

I tried hard to find something positive to say about CARABOLIA’, but I simply cannot. This is a book for the masochists amongst us.

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Reviewed by Luke Croll, March 2003

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