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by Nancy Mehl
Publishamerica Inc, October 2001
196 pages
ISBN: 1588515958

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Callie Jo McAllister, a police sketch artist, is haunted by her past. As a four year old child she was witness to her mother's murder. After intensive psychiatric counselling, she is able to give the police a picture of the murderer which leads to his conviction.

Now attending college and working part time as a police sketch artist, Callie is having the recurring nightmares she thought she had banished. She becomes involved with a young defense attorney who reviews the transcript of her mother's murderer's trial. He finds many inconsistencies casting doubt on the outcome of the trial.

Callie is now beset with questions: if the man convicted wasn't the murderer, who was? Her father? The pastor who was counselling her mother? There are many she now suspects. An attempt is made to kill her. She feels she can trust noone.

This story is well-plotted. The reader is involved in Callie's thoughts and mind, feeling her distress and fears and doubts. The development of relationships between her father and herself, and between her boy friend is excellent.

The pace of suspense is constant and gripping, and has the reader attempting to figure out "who dunit" before the end. It is one of those books that captures the reader's attention from the beginning and keeps it to the last page.

Reviewed by Barbara Buhrer, January 2002

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