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by Nancy Boyarsky
Light Messages, September 2019
205 pages
ISBN: 1611533171

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In this, the fourth of a series, protagonist Nicole Graves is now an investigator for a firm in Los Angeles, a city that has recently seen several kidnappings. But the abduction of one woman, Ashley Rexton, results in her husband's death. The husband's father employs Graves' firm to look into his daughter-in-law, a woman he never trusted. Is Ashley behind the kidnappings?

Graves is given the job to look into Ashley's life and doggedly investigates, even when she is warned off by one of the police detectives, Greg Arnault. She finds out much about Ashley—more than even the police—although never finds Ashley herself. As she's wrapping up her report for the client, her own sister, Stephanie, is kidnapped. The kidnappers seem to know that Graves recently inherited over $2 million, and they are asking for that very same amount.

Graves turns to police for help, and Arnault steps in to guide her interactions with the kidnappers. Soon, sparks fly between the two. But Graves' priority is getting her sister back, even if it means going behind Arnault's back to meet with the kidnappers.

The novel is a short one, just over 200 pages, and is fast-paced, especially as it nears the climax. Some of the chapters are told through the eyes of a kidnapped Stephanie, which heighten the tension. The novel suffers a little from being so short—some characters could have been developed more fully—but there is more than enough suspense in this taut thriller to keep a reader turning the pages until the very end.

§ Lourdes Venard is an independent editor who divides her time between New York and Maui.

Reviewed by Lourdes Venard, August 2019

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