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by Donna Andrews
1250192943, October 2018
279 pages
ISBN: 1250192943

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When Meg Langslow finds an adorable little baby girl in the manger during a rehearsal of the Christmas pageant in Caerphilly, Virginia, all Heck breaks loose. Meg is already struggling with the cast of kids who have had their fill of Christmas sweets before rehearsal, but now she finds that Lark, the name pinned to the baby's onesie, is possibly her brother Rob's child. Poor Rob, who is a bit of a lady's man, has finally settled on Delaney as the love of his life and is planning a bang up marriage proposal over the holidays.

Delaney has a temper that fits her blazing red hair, so Meg must try to find the baby's mother before the holidays are ruined for Meg and her huge family. Lark is a perfect angel, who smiles and giggles at the slightest attention. Everyone wants to get her back to her family, whoever they are.

It soon becomes clear that the villainous folks over in arch-rival Clay County have something to do with the baby, as well as the fleeing parents. Meg, the sheriff, and the whole town pitch in to guard Lark and help Meg pursue the bad guys. Will it be guns blazing, or can Meg find a peaceful way to make all things right in a Christmas-y way?

This is Donna Andrews' fifth Christmas mystery featuring Meg and the folks of Caerphilly, who are in the midst of their annual tourist event, Christmas in Caerphilly. Lark's appearance and the lurking Clay County baddies look like ruining the festival, until Meg comes up with a scheme that might save Lark's family from harm, but also catch the makers of moonshine and the dealers of dope over in Clay County. Let's just say it has something to do with Christmas caroling.

LARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING is a funny, delightful tale, action packed and filled with eccentric characters. It is just the right book to read during the Christmas season, to give as a Christmas present, and to fill that long afternoon after the madness of gift-opening and turkey-eating that we all look forward to.

And there is just a hint at the end of LARK! THE HERALD ANGELS SING that we might see another Meg Langslow Christmas mystery next season. I look forward to that, and meanwhile I think I will order up the first four in the series for seasonal reading.

Susan Hoover is a playwright, independent producer and retired college English teacher. She lives in Nova Scotia.

Reviewed by Susan Hoover, November 2018

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