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by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes
Delacorte Young Adult, May 1999
147 pages
ISBN: 0385326742

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In the Forests of the Night is set in both 2001 and 1701. Both stories are in Concord, Massachusetts. The story skips between the two times from chapter to chapter.

The story is told through the eyes of a 300 year old vampire named Risika. The story begins in 2001 where Risika is now living. Throughout the book you learn that at one time she was a 17 year old girl named Rachel, who lived in Concord in 1701.

Risika's problem is another vampire named Aubrey. You learn that Aubrey is the one who arranged for Rachel to become Risika. Will Risika seek revenge for killing Rachel's brother? Is Rachel's brother Alexandar still alive?

I felt like I was floating above the action. I really enjoyed the excitement and danger and that it was mysterious spooky because it was about vampires. But the story wasn't so scary you couldn't finish the book.

It is interesting in how Risika goes from being nice, loving and caring to aggressive. I think I would have done things differently than Risika did as she got older. I wanted to keep reading so I wouldn't miss out what would happen next. I really liked the surprise at the end of the book.

If you like spooky and exciting stories about vampires, you would like this book. I think this book is probably for older kids because of the subjects and descriptions of what vampires do. You will also like this book because it is written by a kid who loves a good mystery.

Reviewed by Jake Age 10, August 2001

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