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by Don Passman
Minotaur Books, February 2014
336 pages
ISBN: 1250041872

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A lifelong passion for magic prepared Don Passman to create, in THE AMAZING HARVEY, a fascinating milieu as well as characters to root for. Harvey Kendall is a magician whose career could reach Las Vegas stardom as soon as construction of the phenomenal trick he has invented can be completed. Meanwhile, he needs work as a substitute teacher to make ends meet.Not only is Harvey a masterful magician; he is also a funny, genuinely nice guy who is innocent of an impending murder charge. The prosecutor has what seems to be an airtight case. With little time and only the resources of a struggling magician to separate truth and illusion, Harvey must solve the crime.

Harvey relates his story in a voice that engages and consistently entertains the reader. Harvey's immediate, uncensored first responses in conversation are often hilarious. But he usually manages to think before he speaks, an admirable trait that induces people to help him.

Defense attorney Hannah Fisher allows Harvey to work in her office to defray part of his legal fees. The two make quite a pair. All the characters are fully developed, speak in their own voices and lend credibility while propelling the high-stakes, compelling plot forward.

Don Passman is an entertainment attorney specializing in the music business with celebrity clients such as Stevie Wonder, Quincy Jones, Green Day, Pink, Randy Newman, Tom Waits and R.E.M. He wrote the nonfiction bestseller ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE MUSIC BUSINESS.I hope he writes a memoir. Meanwhile, I look forward to reading his previous novels, THE VISIONARY and MIRAGE.

Deb Shoss is a retired theatre producer/director, avid reader and former bookseller living in Lexington KY.

Reviewed by Deb Shoss, February 2014

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