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by Deb Caletti
Bantam, May 2013
323 pages
ISBN: 0345534352

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When Dani Keller wakes up one Sunday morning on her Seattle houseboat, she discovers her husband, a successful software executive, is missing. First, she's annoyed, but as the day drags on, she becomes increasingly worried. Just where is Ian?

Adding to her worries is a blank spot about the end of the previous evening. The couple had attended a lavish party, held at the corporate headquarters where Ian presides. Dani's memory is foggy; her most clear memory is of tumbling into bed. But where was Ian during that time?

As the book progresses, it becomes increasingly clear that Ian is missing. Just where he might be is the subject not only of an ongoing police investigation, but of one for his wife as well. As she delves deeper and deeper into her own consciousness, it becomes clear that theirs was a complicated relationship, fraught with troubles from the beginning. An affair and then a second marriage for both, there's plenty of animosity on the part of Ian's ex-wife and children (who seem quick to point a finger in her direction) when he goes missing.

While readers may quickly determine where Ian is from the outset, just how he got there is more complicated. It is well worth taking the journey that Deb Caletti sets out for her readers. It is one filled with the imperfections in life, of how we see things coloring the world around us. This is Caletti's first foray into fiction for adults (she is a YA author), and her readers can certainly expect more good things from her in the future.

Although this storyline is not without its flaws, much like her characters, its overall depth and honesty in examining the relationships between men and women and within mixed families make the book


Christine Zibas is a freelance writer and former director of publications for a Chicago nonprofit.

Reviewed by Christine Zibas, September 2013

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