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by James Rollins
William Morrow, June 2013
432 pages
ISBN: 006178480X

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THE EYE OF GOD, James Rollins latest installment in the Sigma Force series, opens with a dire situation that only becomes more menacing. Sigma Force is a secret organization whose members are all ex-Special Forces soldiers. Each one specializes in a particular scientific discipline and they are tasked with protecting the US against global threats. The threat they are faced with in this book is as deadly as any they have encountered. If they cannot find a number of ancient relics and place them in juxtaposition with each other, the world will be destroyed.

The book describes a number of simultaneous situations in different continents which are then brought together. A high Vatican official, Monsignor Vigor Verona, receives a mysterious package sent by Father Josip, a priest who everyone thought was dead. It contains a skull and a book that is covered with human skin. There is ancient writing on the skull and Virgo finds out that it is a prophecy about a looming apocalypse. While he and his niece Rachel study it, his office is attacked. Other people want this skull. Now he must find Josip and learn more about this relicóbecause the world is going to end in four days.

Meanwhile, in California, scientists at the Space and Missile Systems Center are becoming concerned about a comet and two satellites. They are not acting as they should, and there is much discussion about the time-space curvature. Brilliant twenty-three year old astrophysicist Jada Shaw, is nervous that something is going wrong with their experiment. She is an expert on dark energy, which is a potential source of energy for mankind and is also connected to the birth of the universe. They refer to the experiment as the Eye of God, but the readings on what is happening are deviating from what they expected.

At the same time that these events are happening in Rome and California, one of Sigma Force's chief operatives, Commander Gray Pierce, is in Macau trying to help a new recruit and former international assassin, Seichan, find the mother who was forced to leave her in an orphanage in Vietnam. They have a lead, but when they meet with the informant, it is a trap and Seichan is captured.

A number of violent scenes ensue as Gray pursues Seichan's abductors, Jada and some colleagues fly first to Washington DC and then to Mongolia where the satellite has crashed, and Vigor journeys to find Josip. The relics they all seek date back to Genghis Khan and the reader is told of the fact that 1 out of 200 men in the world are related genetically to that ruler. The book is full of that sort of historical information. There are many religious and scientific references as well. For some, this may be fascinating, but other readers may look at the book as filled with pseudo-history, pseudo-religion and pseudo-science. There is much action, but the plot is hard to take seriously.

Anne Corey is a writer, poet, teacher and botanical artist in New York's Hudson Valley.

Reviewed by Anne Corey, July 2013

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