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by Kathryn Casey
St Martin's Minotaur, July 2008
306 pages
ISBN: 0312379501

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Being one of the few female Texas Rangers in Texas is hard enough for Sarah Armstrong. One can imagine the kinds of harassment, subtle and not so subtle, that Sarah deals with on a daily basis. Trying to keep tabs on her pre-teen daughter and her mother sometimes makes Sarah‛s life easier, sometimes not.

Sarah is called to work on a high-profile case: somebody with lots of money is murdered, with his mistress, in an unusual pose. The wife is the obvious choice; Sarah is not nearly as convinced as her so-called partner. He‛s positive that the wife hired somebody to kill her husband because they were in the middle of a divorce, with custody issues. Sarah believes the wife had nothing to do with it and she is not merely going on gut instinct. The partner has convincing circumstantial evidence, but Sarah isn‛t buying this scenario.

Sarah pursues some loose ends that tend to support her theory. FBI Agent David Garrity joins her. She‛s not happy about it, but he is less of a PITA (pain in the ass) than her partner, and she‛s kind of stuck with him. This turns out to be a good thing. Sarah‛s husband was also a Texas Ranger; he died in a car accident just about a year ago. David is the first man to pique Sarah‛s interest, which she finds disconcerting but she doesn‛t back away from it.

SINGULARITY is Casey‛s first attempt at fiction; she‛s written four true crime books. That work has obviously paid off. She knows how to keep a reader‛s interest, she knows how investigations work, and she knows how people act and react. The sub-plot involving her daughter and her mother plays out very convincingly, even at the end. The relationship between her daughter and Strings, her best friend, is charming. Casey leaves the possibility of a romance between David and Sarah open-ended, which should make readers even more interested in reading the next book in the series. Sarah is a strong female protagonist, with flaws that make her human enough to connect with readers. I thoroughly enjoyed this book

Reviewed by P.J. Coldren, September 2008

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