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by Gerald Hammond
Allison & Busby, March 2007
288 pages
ISBN: 0749081295

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Edinburgh Detective Inspector Honey Laird is on maternity leave from the police and looking forward to the expected birth of a daughter in two weeks. She's under the careful watch of her housekeeper and her husband and Honey feels as if she will go mad with the peace and quiet.

When she has a surprise visit from her boss, Detective Superintendent Blackhouse, he tells her the strange story of her neighbor, Dr McGordon. While looking for a witness to an accident in the area, young Police Constable Dodson knocked on Dr McGordon's door and in response, the doctor acted very guiltily and said words to the effect that he had been waiting to be found out and waiting for the police to come and get him. When PC Dodson heard this he had to tell the doctor why he was really there and the doctor then immediately changed his way of acting and dismissed the PC from his house.

Detective Superintendent Blackhouse thinks that the way the doctor acted is strange enough to investigate. But as a friend and doctor of the very rich and powerful, Dr McGordon has many people supporting him, letting DS Blackhouse know to leave the doctor alone and to not even think of investigating him.

Much to her amazement and respect, Honey hears that Det Supt Blackhouse feels so strongly that something is amiss he has decided to investigate anyway. He even has the idea that, she, as a neighbor who is also so obviously pregnant and on leave, might be able to look into the case without anyone thinking that a real investigation is going on.

To help her in her quiet search is none other than young PC Dodson. Honey is given the task of looking into the doctor's case though she cannot use the department to get any information. But never doubt it, Honey Laird do the best job possible to find out the truth behind the situation.

Gerald Hammond has created a wonderful no-nonsense woman in DI Laird and anyone afraid that her budding motherhood will soften her way needn't fear. She is as tough and unsentimental as ever, but she still has a good sense of humor. Still a child of wealth, but not ashamed of it nor showy about it, Honey manages to get her way while still doing her share of the work.

A DEAD QUESTION is a total delight as people are interviewed and we learn more about the doctor from his friends, the wives of his friends, his fans and his few terribly upset enemies. Because the police can't help in the case, it has to move forward by sound questioning and deductive reasoning and Honey's knowledge of how people act.

It's fast reading, with an enjoyable plot and great characters, and you can't help but have a great time reading A DEAD QUESTION. I'm looking forward to more stories of our favorite DI as time passes!

Reviewed by A. L. Katz, July 2007

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