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by Emma Holly
Berkley, May 2006
272 pages
ISBN: 0425209776

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Her long-time lover Troy has recently jilted Frankie Smith, the owner of the All U Can Eat diner, which is based in the fictional Pacific Coast town of Six Palms. To make things worse; he has dumped her for his allegedly pregnant boss Karen. On the rebound, Frankie indulges herself with a number of steamy sexy liaisons to make herself feel better.

When a body is found at the back of her diner, the Chief of Police Jack West (who has also lusted after her for a long time) makes her realise that she is the chief suspect. With a town full of sexual secrets, it is not long before Frankie and the Chief of Police realise that they are going to have a hard time tracking down the real killer and clearing Frankie's name.

Sizzle and sex is what comes to mind in this latest book by Emma Holly. If you are looking for a crime then frankly forget it. It is not that a crime does not take place -- quite the contrary it does -- and the murder mystery is a nice backdrop, but not the reason to pick up this book. If you like, steamy erotic fiction that is red hot and sexy then Emma Holly certainly knows how to indulge the reader.

Holly undoubtedly does not pull any punches when it comes to the explicit descriptions in her books, and this is no exception in ALL U CAN EAT. It is a shame because what plot there is in ALL U CAN EAT is not bad, but unfortunately compared to the erotic scenes found in the book it is not very substantial. Furthermore, the cover certainly does not do this steamy book any justice whatsoever.

This is a toe-curling, steamy, sensual book which leaves not much too the imagination and will no doubt please fans of this author. As alpha male as the Chief of Police is, it was interesting to see him in the reverse role that is normally played by a woman. This book is certainly not for the staid and for those that are easily embarrassed. What you have with ALL U CAN EAT is an enjoyably steamy read.

Reviewed by Ayo Onatade, May 2006

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