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by Marion Babson
St Martin's Minotaur, November 2004
192 pages
ISBN: 0312284985

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This is one book you can judge by its cover -- any cat owner will recognize the picture of a cat sitting pointedly next to an empty bowl, staring upwards with imploring command. The book behind the cover is equally charming.

Roscoe and his human Macho Magee have both been put under a strict diet by the new woman in Macho's life, the brash, edgy Cressie Adair. Macho puts up with it but Roscoe goes AWOL as often as possible, and thus is the first to greet Lucinda when she returns from her signing tour of the United States.

Lucinda thought that her homecoming would be a return to the peace and quiet of her mystery-writing circle, but little Brimful Coffers has been turned on its ear again. Cressie is going out of her way to henpeck Macho, Roscoe, and all their friends and nobody knows why he puts up with it. Two historical authors are dueling viciously over interpretations of Bess of Hardwick Hall. Gemma is deep in mourning for being unable to prevent the hit-and-run death of a local child, which happened right in front of her. But when one of the contentious historians is also hit and killed, everyone begins to wonder -- was the first accident really an accident? And who was the victim supposed to be?

PLEASE DO FEED THE CAT is a sequel to CANAPES FOR THE KITTIES. Although cursory introductions are given for the characters, it is probably better to read the books in order. That said, Babson has once again written a delightful, cat-centric little cozy. A quick and pleasant read, peppered with selections from the books Lucinda is scanning and rejecting (most of them awful, grim, or awfully grim, although I think the werewolf romance had promise) this book is a delightful way of spending a few hours.

Reviewed by Linnea Dodson, November 2004

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