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by Louise Hoblitt
Writer's Showcase Press, March 2004
324 pages
ISBN: 059526414X

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Competing for the public relations position at Terra Tech's Video Arcade Company, Darby Hill wants this job so badly she can taste it. Curtis is the other person hoping to attain the job. Darby and Curtis have a romantic history and it has definitely ended. Still, Curtis is a source of interest for many people. An older man comes to talk to Curtis and you can tell that Curtis is badly frightened.

The one thing that is unique about Curtis is that he is engaged to the boss's daughter, India. Randolph Jamison, the boss, is not thrilled with his daughter's choice. Former college friend, Sally, wants to talk to Darby. She and her husband, Rick, are having some major problems and Rick wonders if Sally is involved with Curtis. Curtis does have a reputation for being a flirt. Burton Fogerty is Randolph's business partner. He isn't pleased with the liaison of Curtis and India. Fogerty has threatened Curtis.

When the first murder occurs (no, I'm not saying who is murdered!), it seems to be a possible coincidence. When there is a second murder, the possibility becomes slimmer.

It appears that Terra Tech has something to hide. Darby is relieved of her duties, which gives her more time to solve this involved scenario. The development of sleuthing may lead the reader on a merry chase, even though this reviewer did locate the killer early on in the story. The 'why' is even more interesting. A visit to the arcade technical world has never been more intense.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, February 2004

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