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by Jan Burke
Pocket Books, January 2004
464 pages
ISBN: 0743480511

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Mystery novel writer Jan Burke is an accomplished short story writer, and that fact is proven by all the nominations and short story awards shešs won. In this book, EIGHTEEN, we see for ourselves how marvelous and talented she is. Wešre introduced to ghosts, murderers, vampires, and other assortments of characters.

In A Man Of My Stature we meet a man whose company looks like it might go under until, with a stroke of luck, he finds an opportunity that might save his good name.

The Mouse introduces us to a young girl who is suffering the torments of her classmates.

Burkešs story, Unharmed, winner of the Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine Readers Award and Macavity Award is one of the best short stories Išve read in a long time. I canšt say anything about it, as I donšt want to give anything away, but I to urge you to read it for yourselves.

Fans of Burkešs series about newspaper reporter, Irene Kelly are not forgotten either. There are two wonderful tales featuring Irene and her detective husband, Frank Harriman.

EIGHTEEN shows how amazingly versatile a writer Jan Burke is as the stories take the readers from modern times back to the 1800s. Theyšre set in the big city, country towns, and on ships like the Queen Elizabeth during World War II.

If you love story compilations, read EIGHTEEN and discover what a great short story writer can do. Itšs a book not to be missed.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, November 2003

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