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by Thomas H. Griffith
VirtualBookworm.com, February 2004
276 pages
ISBN: 1589394445

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The publicity information for THE BURGER BARN ON SUNSET calls it a "male romantic suspense novel of faith", which fits pretty well, as long as male refers to the author and not the intended audience. This is a book that can be enjoyed by women as well as men.

Ron Jobeman was a minister until his wife left him for another man and his church fired him for being too liberal. He then turned his back on the church and started working for the Burger Barn fast food chain, working his way up to manager. As the novel starts, Ron is suddenly transferred to the Burger Barn on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood. It has been losing money and has had employees arrested for selling drugs. On Ron's first full day the police raid the restaurant and kill one employee in a shoot-out.

Ron tries to figure out where the drugs are coming from so he can prevent the police from shutting him down. Meanwhile he finds a church he likes, and through the church meets a woman private investigator, Janet, with whom he becomes romantically involved. Janet helps his once-shattered self-esteem as well as helps find out information on the drug case.

Griffith has great start to a new mystery series in THE BURGER BARN ON SUNSET. His writing style is solid. His characters are multi-dimensional and real. He deals with issues of the Christian faith without ever being preachy. The plot works well. All-in-all, a recommended book for which Griffith is to be congratulated.

Reviewed by Mary A. Axford, January 2004

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