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by Meg Elizabeth Atkins
Allison and Busby, November 2003
256 pages
ISBN: 0749006315

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Meg Elizabeth Atkins is the author of numerous novels. PRIVATE VIEW is her latest, featuring DCI Sheldon Hunter. It is somewhat of a cozy, police procedural. The writing is confident and concise. The storyline is clear and clever.

An unknown artist hits it big with untitled paintings that illustrate views from room windows. Six pieces, each simply entitled Casement 1 through 6 sell for more money than the previous piece. During the showing of the most recent piece, things have changed. Though the artist is still a mystery, the newest painting has a title, and people in the work where previously the works had only contained views from room windows. This new painting just added to the high energy around the work.

At the showing, however, the work is stolen and the gallery manager is murdered. The police have very little to nothing to go on. No clues. Especially since no one knows who the artist is. So the case can only be closed.

Years later new anonymously placed clues lead Hunter the doorstep of the Sanders family. Intrigued by the family members, Hunter is not sure what the new information he's received is to reveal. That is until Ian, the son, turns up missing and evidence suggests that his disappearance may be tied in to the unknown artist and the murder of the gallery manager four years prior.

PRIVATE VIEW is an enjoyable read with some well-crafted characters and some action filled scenes. The dialogue is crisp, the narrative free-flowing. PRIVATE VIEW is the kind of book that makes for easy reading on a cold winter night, a blanket on your lap and a mug of hot cocoa on the table by your reading lamp.

Reviewed by Phillip Tomasso III, December 2003

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