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by James Patterson
Little, Brown & Company, November 2003
400 pages
ISBN: 0316602906

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Former Washington, DC police detective, Alex Cross, is now an FBI Agent. Even though he is still in training in Quantico, the FBI has him working on their newest case. Beautiful, white women are being abducted and never to be heard from again. The last woman was taken from a crowded mall and no one saw anything.

The Bureau learns that that abductions have to do with a sexual slave market that is run by a former Russian KGB Agent, known only as the Wolf. Men who want the Wolf to kidnap sex slaves for them meet in a secret encrypted chat room on the Internet where they place the order which lets the Wolf know which type of woman, and sometimes a specific woman they want. Soon, young men are also added to the list of people to be abducted for sale.

This is not an easy case for Alex. Not only is he still going through training while working on the case, but other problems are cropping up. Some of the other FBI Agents are angry that Alex has such a high profile in the case and he has to try and not ruffle any more feathers if he ever wants to be considered a full fledged member of the FBI. Also, in his personal life, Alexšs present girlfriend and he are playing catch up on the phone, shešs working in another city. And his old girlfriend, Christine, the mother of his youngest son, little Alex, has returned to Washington, DC to fight to get custody of the boy.

THE BIG BAD WOLF, brings author James Patterson back to his finest work in the Alex cross series. The pace of this book is very fast and the chapters flow smoothly and the reader can move through the book effortlessly. In some chapters Alex tells us what hešs going through with the case and in other chapters we hear from the Wolf, the Russian gangsters who work for him, the sick perverts who order the slaves, and also from the victims themselves.

Like most of the novels in the Alex Cross series this book does have its violent moments and at times it can be a bit gruesome, but it's rawness reinforces that the Wolf and his customers are horrific sociopathic killers.

The Wolf is one of the nastiest characters Patterson has created and hešs also one of the most mysterious and elusive. The plot is full of surprises with many exciting twists and turns and Išm glad to say that THE BIG BAD WOLF is one of the best Alex Cross books Mr. Patterson has penned.

I recommend all of James Pattersonšs Alex Cross Series.

Reviewed by Sharon Katz, October 2003

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