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by Margaret Coel
Berkley, September 2003
276 pages
ISBN: 042519042519261X261X

Father John O'Malley is a priest at the Wind River Reservation. He has been called to the scene of a homicide to adminster last rights. He soon realizes that bad trouble may be brewing. The victim is a white man found on an Indian reservation. His wife is a vengeful woman who has already accused Indians as being responsible for his death. Racial tensions soon rise.

The only helpful witness is a confused fifteen year old girl who found the body and is now on the run for her life.

Meanwhile John's dear friend Vicky Holden, is an Arapaho lawyer and has agreed to help her friend Adam Lone Eagle do work for the newly opened Great Plains Casino. Most of the Indians see the Casino as a blessing with the promises of new jobs and more revenue for the reservation..

However a white man is stirring up a few young protestors and Vicky feels that something is not quite right at the Casino. Soon Vicky is unsure of who to trust and finds herself being dragged deeper and deeper into trouble.

How the two stories mesh comes as a surprise. I Enjoyed Ms. Coel's take on the modern day Indian culture. The Indians portrayed are well into the twentieth century but still hold their old traditions and beliefs sacred.

I do believe Ms. Coel could give Tony Hillerman a run for his money in this genre of writing.

Reviewed by Susan Johnson, October 2003

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