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by Kelly Lange
Warner Books, July 2003
320 pages
ISBN: 089296751X

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Maxi Poole is a TV anchorwoman/reporter in Los Angeles. Beautiful business woman Gillian Rose has been found dead in her office. Maxi had interviewed and met with Rose several times and knew the access code to the private elevator to her office. Maxi gets a peek at the body and notices that Gillian¹s famous blue eyes look brown. The film man accompanying Maxi gets pictures of Gillian¹s body before the police throw them out. Knowing something strange is going on, Maxi starts investigating the billion-dollar dietary supplement empire Gillian Rose and her husband Carter built.

This book could have been subtitled ³Lives of the Rich and Famous in LA² with all the glitz, glamour, and fashion details found in DEAD FILE. It certainly reminds me why Los Angeles is called LA LA Land. The author, Kelly Lange, has a 28 year history with NBC in southern California as a broadcast journalist and talk show host. When she describes the workings of the newsroom (the best parts of the book in this reviewers opinion) she knows what she is talking about. Lange has a very clean, sharp writing style, much like what I would expect is needed to write script for news stories. The chapters are short and that makes the book easily put downable and picked up again if one is interrupted. The characters, even the bad guys, are interesting. Lange describes each down to the fingernail polish or Armani suit. This is the second book in the Maxi Poole series (THE REPORTER was first). Although this mystery is ³light,² I would not call it a cozy. Frankly, I am not interested in having any of these folks over for tea. I could, however, come up with a dog bone for Maxie¹s dog, Yukon. While I¹m not hot about this book, I think many would think DEAD FILE a wonderful summer beach read.

Reviewed by Lane Wright, July 2003

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