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by Dan Brown
Random House Audio, March 2003
Abridged Audio pages
ISBN: 0739302043

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It's too bad that Random House Audio did not see fit to produce an unabridged audio version of THE DA VINCI CODE, a fast-paced thriller. A Louvre curator has been found murdered in one of the galleries of that famed museum. Robert Langdon, Harvard symbologist happens to be in Paris and the police phone him to come and see the body of the nude man posed, as Langdon realizes, as one of Leonardo's most famous drawings.

Sophie Neveu, cryptologist and the estranged granddaughter of the dead curator and Langdon have to escape the French police and solve the puzzle of the Holy Grail. Sophie's grandfather was one of four guardians of the secret, all of whom have been killed by a strange albino monk.

The action never stops for the two days it takes Robert and Sophie to solve the puzzle and discover the truth behind not only the deaths of the guardians but the death of Sophie's parents many years before.

Colin Stinton does a masterful job of reading the book. He uses different voices for different characters and even uses a passable French accent. He never tries to use falsetto for the females but manages to soften his voice to indicate gender changes. The book runs 6 hours on 5 compact discs. I would not have been bored if it ran twice that length.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, April 2003

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