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by John Baker
Orion, May 2001
257 pages
5.99 GBP
ISBN: 0752843737

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Ex-con Stone Lewis returns to his basement flat and finds a young woman lying beaten and unconscious in his doorway. He takes her inside, cleans her up, puts her in his bed and sits in the chair all night waiting for her to recover. While he is waiting, he goes through the papers in her handbag and finds out that her name is Ginny and she has come back to Hull from California to look for an ex-roommate who has disappeared.

Stone is scary looking. He was jailed for murder. His mother's ex-lover had some of his minions tattoo his face. When Ginny, the Asian woman he rescued, wakes and is confused because his appearance is so frightening but he has been very kind to her.

After spending 11 years in jail, all Stone really wants to do is find a way to put Shooter, the psycho who slashed his mother's face and caused stone's face to be tattooed, away for the rest of his life, legally. It seems as though by helping Ginny to find Juliet, Stone will be able to put Shooter away. But while helping Ginny, he falls in love with her.

John Baker, in his Sam Turner series set in York, shows great skill in creating sympathetic characters. He has created a whole other set of people in this book. The girl of the title is really a Vietnamese orphan. Lewis has an aunt who brought him up, because even though his mother is still alive, she is and was totally incapable of even taking care of herself. He is still close to his aunt, and they both try and look after his mother. This is a very different series from the Sam Turner books, but with equally intriguing and real people..

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, March 2003

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