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by Claire Daniels
Berkley Prime Crime, December 2002
290 pages
ISBN: 0425187403

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Claire Daniels has unearthed an interesting character in her new mystery series, the Karma Crime Mysteries. Cally Lazar is an energy worker, which, for those less informed about new-age methodologies, basically consists of reading a person's energy field (or aura) and helping them unblock or improve their energy with the intent of helping to heal that person of what ails them.

When Cally is working with a new client, she has what is an unusual experience for her: she hears a voice from the client's dead husband. The voice tells her that he didn't commit suicide as the police were saying but was, in fact, murdered. In order to help her client get past this tragedy, Cally agrees to look into his death.

I will admit that psychic and new-age topics fascinate me. I, however, don't want to be preached to about them but rather given information and be allowed to come to conclusions on my own. Daniels does an excellent job explaining the process of an energy worker, as well as showing other new-age modalities, without trying to convince the reader as to their authenticity or getting too "woo-woo" about it.

Daniels also does an excellent job creating a likeable cast of characters. Ranging from level-headed to cooky, she shows the human side of even the most hard-to-like of the bunch. Unfortunately, the only down-side to this delightful story is the mystery. Definitely secondary to the character study, the storyline is not original nor especially satisfying. While Body of Intuition is not a bad way to spend a lazy afternoon, devoted fans to the mystery may be find this Karma Crime to be uninspired.

Reviewed by Cathy Gallagher, January 2003

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