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by John Baker
Orion, September 2001
314 pages
9.99 GBP
ISBN: 0752847988

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Sam Turner is an unorthodox private eye. As a recovering alcoholic attending an AA meeting (in the first book) he tells someone in the group that he is a P.I. He was reading a P.I. book at the time and the lie just slipped out. Of course someone asked him for help and one thing led to another and he learned that he had a talent for the job. He has a cast of quirky characters: Celia, the retired Quaker schoolteacher, who has discovered "fashion" in her mid-70's. Also Marie, the wife of his deceased partner; Geordie, whom he rescued from the streets; and the newest recruit, JD, a struggling writer, who wants to work for Sam in order to observe the live of a private investigator.

Sam's new client is the lovely Angeles Falco, a blind young businesswoman who believes that she and her sister are being stalked. When her sister is murdered Sam realizes that he now must protect Angeles from a killer.

Sam is a widower who in his former alcoholic life was a womanizer, but with sobriety he has changed his past habits. He realizes that he has feelings for his new client, (which are reciprocated) which become more intense when she moves into his home for protection.

John Baker has created a fascinating world that revolves around Sam and his associates. Short on action, but long on introspection and reflection, his books are thoughtful commentaries on the vagaries of modern life and relationships. In this book he pursues the world of the blind as well as the mind of the psychopath who is stalking the sisters.

All of the characters have grown from the previous books. Geordie is married to Janet and they have a child. Echo. Sam is trying to move on after the death of his wife and Celia has discovered a whole new life outside of the classroom.

Mr. Baker has also written a stand-alone book, but his best is reserved for Sam & Company. As a dedicated fan, I can only hope that he continues the series for many years.

Reviewed by Lorraine Gelly, December 2002

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