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by John Baker
Orion, August 1998
254 pages
6.99 GBP
ISBN: 0575402849

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Night after night, Geoff and Cal watch the CCTV monitors taping the center of the city. Geoff, always on the lookout for an extra quid, takes some of the spicier bits of couples and groups groping in doorways late at night and splices them into porno films, which he then sells to an entrpreneur who duplicates the tapes and sells t hem to sex shops. Their other dodge is to tape fancy cars trolling for girls, getting good closeup shots of the license plates, and blackmailing the drivers.

This night, a white Porsche Targa trolls the street until the occupants find a small boy who seems to be running from them. They stomp him and throw him in the trunk of the car and drive off. Neither Cal nor Geoff report this incident to the police. Cal takes a copy of that bit of the tape to his ex-wife's house and hides it.

Sam Turner now has an office out of which Geordie, the ex-street kid, and Celia, his aged assistant work. The body of a young boy has recently been pulled out of the river, and the child's mother has come to hire Sam to try and find out what happened to her son.

Meanwhile, Geordie has fallen for another poor soul,Janet, and Sam has fallen for the woman from Scottish Widows (for the Americans, the reference is to a long running commerical for an insurance company which features an exotically beautiful young woman dressed in long black cloak and hood) who turns out to be Cal's ex-wife, and who also asks for Sam's help when she is threatened.

York is a beautiful city, but Baker shows us the side of the city that tourists never see. His books aren't published in the US but you can usually find copies at independent bookstores in the US which may carry imports or on Amazon UK or another internet bookstore.

Reviewed by Barbara Franchi, October 2002

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