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by Amy Lloyd
Hanover Square Press, May 2019
320 pages
ISBN: 1335007709

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Charlotte, aka Lilly is seeking the truth about what happened in that underpass when she was a child, while Sean, who was with her in the underpass, is seeking Lilly.

Charlotte is the new name of the young woman who has been released from custody for the second time. She is living in a group home and starting a job at a supermarket. As she tells us about her day-to-day experiences, we also flash back into her past, slowly building a picture of what happened when she was ten years old and tried and imprisoned.

In alternating chapters Sean tells us about his daily life, with flashbacks to his time when he and "Charlotte" were best friends. Slowly we get a picture of Sean, further building a picture of what happened in that underpass when he was eleven.

As the novel unfolds, Charlotte seems unnatural in her sensitivity and she cries in almost every scene. She is beyond timid, seems paranoid and is deathly afraid all the time. Charlotte has one strong support, a therapist who follows her through her life. However, the therapist seems to overstep the bounds of her profession and Charlotte begins to bug the reader with her weaknesses.

Meanwhile, Sean appears to be simply a bad boy, now a bad man, a drug dealer hanging out with the dregs of humanity. He was the ringleader of the duo. The terms of their release include their never contacting each other again, but Sean is, of course, a computer genius and it takes him no time at all to find Charlotte.

So the trouble starts all over again. When Charlotte steals something and is found out by Jack, a security guard at the store, he uses his advantage to prey on her. Then she makes a very big mistake, putting her trust in Jack to get personally closer to her therapist, and all hell breaks loose. Then Sean foolishly gives her some information that will further complicate the situation.

In this her second thriller based on true crime, Amy Lloyd has produced a very unsettling tale, one the reader may never forget, one that might keep a reader up nights. I am hard to frighten but my hair stood on end when I reached the end of ONE MORE LIE. Well done, Ms Lloyd!

Susan Hoover is a playwright, independent producer and retired college English teacher. She lives in Nova Scotia.

Reviewed by Susan Hoover, May 2019

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