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by Jack Heath
Hanover Square Press, June 2019
352 pages
ISBN: 1335952845

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Following the success of Jack Heath's HANGMAN, he's back with JUST ONE BITE, a ghoulishly fun take on the anti-hero trope.

Timothy Blake works in body disposal for the crime kingpin Charlie Warner in Houston when he is unexpectedly recalled to the FBI to help solve several missing person cases with his ex-partner, big, black, and beautiful Reese Thistle. However, Blake is in a tight spot since he does not want Thistle to find out about his secret life.

As the bodies mount up in Blake's freezer, Blake finds himself falling in love with Thistle, while his hunger for body disposal is fast vanishing.

Blake and Thistle make a great team. His detecting skills rival Sherlock Holmes', while Thistle provides the authority and muscle to keep them out of too much trouble. Following the trail that Blake sniffs out is great fun and each clue leads the two both closer to unraveling the plot but also closer to Blake's dark secret.

The plot thickens like polenta in a pot. As the bodies or parts of them begin to turn up, the media chooses Crawdad Man for the killer's nom de guerre, while disturbing pornography begins to show up. A math professor, a teaching assistant and the owner of a sex doll factory seem somehow linked to the murders.

When he is told that Thistle has been killed by the Warner gang, Blake plans his revenge. It is time to finish off the creepy voyeur and weird porn lover who is at the bottom of this squalid set of murders. He has him cornered in a cabin in the woods. But Blake is alone with only a hammer for weapon, when he discovers that the bad guy is not alone.

I guess that means there will be another gruesome sequel to ONE MORE BITE, which I would suggest you read with the lights on and the door locked. This one is a ten on the horror meter. What can we expect next time?

Susan Hoover is a playwright, independent producer and retired college English teacher. She lives in Nova Scotia.

Reviewed by Susan Hoover, May 2019

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