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by Andrea Penrose
Kensington, March 2018
360 pages
ISBN: 1496710797

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Sir Wrexford is on his way home in Regency London from an evening out with one of his inventor friends when the two men find a dead body. The victim is a fellow inventor who has been working on a process to change steam into power which would revolutionize industry throughout England. The last thing that Sir Wrexford wants is to become involved in another murder, but the wife of the victim appeals to Wrexford's sense of honor and he agrees. One of the most troubling parts of the investigation is the victim's plans for his process are missing.

MURDER AT HALF MOON GATE, the second book in the Wrexford and Sloane series, takes place a few months after the conclusion of the pair's first case. The two haven't seen each other much during this time, but when Wrexford again becomes involved with a murder, he remembers Sloane's sense of fairness and contacts her. He asks Sloane (aka A. J.Quill, satirical cartoonist) not to draw or publish a cartoon about the current case fearing it might aid the killer. This brings Sloane into the investigation.

While the first book in the series, MURDER ON BLACK SWAN introduced the characters, this book really fleshes them out. Readers learn a bit more about their backgrounds with the characters' personalities really shining through. Readers also learn that Sloane has more secrets other than her satirical cartoonist alter ego. The chemistry between the protagonists that was hinted at in the first book begins to sizzle a bit more in MURDER AT HALF MOON GATE. As the series progresses, it will be interesting to see what happens between Wrexford and Sloane.

I also liked the development of the mystery in this book more than in the first one.I found myself thoroughly engrossed in the process of sifting through the clues. For me the murderer remained unknown until quite near the end.

Finally, I found it a plus that while this book is the second in the series, it stands completely on its own. Readers might choose to go back and read the first book, but it is not at all necessary in order to enjoy this one.

Caryn St.Clair resides in University City, Missouri and is a former elementary school media specialist, President of the Parks Commission and a docent at the St.Louis Zoo.

Reviewed by Caryn St Clair, December 2014

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