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by Letha Albright
Oak Tree Press, July 2000
250 pages
ISBN: 1892343126

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It's February in Oklahoma. Newspaper reporter Viv Powers is on assignment when two men escape from the State Mental Hospital. One of the men was apprehended but the other - the most dangerous, Tommy Hoffing, is still at large. Tommy had been accused of killing a couple that had returned home when a robbery was in progress.

Tahlequah, Oklahoma is a small midwestern town, in the Cherokee Nation area, immersed with poverty that comes from years of racism and misuse. Viv came here because of her relationship with Charley Pack and she is still here seven years later. Charley is a rock and roll band member. Viv sees Charley as her lover - a mellow man with indigo eyes and thinning hair. She doesn't see him as a murderer.

Some of the other players are Mica - Charley's ex-wife, Gil - the murdered man who was Mica's husband and Charley's music producer (not a "good guy"), Allan Jakes - Charley's manager and Roz Hoffing - the wife of the escaped Tommy Hoffing.

Charley would not give any information to the authorities when he was arrested so Viv became obsessed with finding some answers. Why was Charley silent? Were both Charley and Tommy guilty? What were the common threads between the players? In her search, Viv becomes the target for someone; her life is in jeopardy.

Feel the hard winds of Tulsa as this story unfolds.

Reviewed by Rita Ratacheck, August 2001

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