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by Arthur W. Bahr
Simon & Schuster, March 1999
272 pages
ISBN: 0684802325

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Janet Jensen, a young mother, is found bloodied and eating grapes near the bodies of her husband and infant son. She killed them, but, is she certifiably insane? Simon Rose, a forensic psychologist, is hired by Janet's attorney, Kate Newhouse, to answer that question. Unfortunately, Janet is an old flame of Simon's and he cannot be part of the trial. At the conclusion of the trial, Simon must face his past with terrifying consequences bringing life threatening danger to himself and all he loves.

Arthur W. Bahr, a former forensic psychologist, died just after finishing this book. With this work he displayed a great deal of promise. His writing is crisp and gives a great sense of realism. The characters ring true. The story, itself, is a taut psychological thriller that will leave the reader glued to their chair. The major problem is that, being a psychologist, Mr. Bahr treats us to long explanations of various psychological tests which can go on for several pages. This serves to, unnecessarily, slow down the pacing. However, all in all, an excellent debut. Rating: B+.

Reviewed by Larry Gandle, August 2001

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