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by Leo Atkins
Berkley Publishing Group, December 2000
288 pages
ISBN: 0425177777

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Few Books reach out and grab you by the jugular like Dead Run. It's a roller coaster ride of action and adventure from the first sentence to the last. Leo Atkins has an incredibly seamless writing style that sucks the reader in and doesn't let go. The man is a master with dialogue and the characters are so absorbing they remain in the reader's thoughts long after the book has been set aside for things as trivial as work or chores.

Benella Sweet is a lovely tall drink of water with a mastery of weapons and martial arts. She's not too slow on the uptake either. So when two strangers saunter into a local diner, all of her instincts tell her they're bad news. Turns out she's right--at the cost of six people's lives. Now it is up to Benella and her boyfriend/private detective, Connor Gibbs, to track down the other bad guys before they take Benella out. Not only did she finger them as unsavory characters, she cut down one of their men before he could get away. The other one and his four compadres want revenge.

Atkins has given us two unforgettable characters in Sweet and Gibbs. Their struggle to aid local and federal law enforcement in apprehending the rest of the gang is no less interesting than their unusual, yet envious, relationship.

Dead Run offers some real heart stopping moments. This is definitely not the kind of book you want to begin reading if you'll be too busy to get reading time in. The book refuses to be put down, keeping this reviewer up well past her bed time until the tale had finally been told. Treat yourself to a gripping thriller that will give "hardboiled" a whole new meaning.

Reviewed by Ali Seay, August 2001

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